Student Volunteer Program

Welcome students!
Here you will find the information you will need to volunteer for and take part in the CLIHC 2005 conference. Students from all disciplines and countries are invited to take part in the SV Program.

Come and join us in this exciting experience! We hope to meet you in Cuernavaca, the eternal spring city!

Be sure to bookmark this page, and check it often for updates.

Being a Student Volunteer - what? why? how?

If you have any question that is not answered here, please contact the SV co-chairs:

Dalila Jiménez – Tec de Monterrey, México
Mónica Larre – Tec de Monterrey, México

Brazilian liaison in the SV group
Clarissa Barbosa - PUC-Rio Brazil



List of Confirmed SVs for CLIHC 2005
(updated on July 12th, 2005)

Lourdes Fernández
Maira Greco de Paula
Mariana Valdivia
Mónica Tentori
Omar Sosa
Silvia Bim
Adele Montes
Taciana Pontual
Omar Valdiviezco
Jaqueline Hernández
Eduardo Tanaka
Viviane Cristina Oliveira Aureliano
Bruno Santana
María Luisa González

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